Saturday, June 5, 2010

Hair cut

So, not much to report this week. I am getting organized for all my final projects. I had to take some time to get my haircut today (moments after I cut off that mustache- it was getting in my mouth); I just couldn't handle it anymore. Probably the longest haircut I have ever had. The guy cut the entire thing with scissors and a straight razor- no trimmers, no clippers, just scissors, comb and a razor. Anyway, Im not too picky. It was a $3 haircut, after all.

As far as all the stuff that is less important than my haircut goes: Im cranking out a 19th century literature paper about Incanism in the works of 6 authors; god it's exciting! (not really).

This evening I am going to see one of the most popular soccer teams in Lima- Universitaria, play against Huancayo. It is supposed to be a pretty good game with a lot of people in attendance. Ill take some pictures and post them up here later.

I got notice from the social center that I am trying to do my language project with. The dates they have are the 27th of June- 30th. This is just 6 days before I leave the country, and is also the week of my final exams, but I am going for it. I will have to arrange two of my exams at times other than they were scheduled, as well as finish a couple of important papers about a week before they would have been due, but I think the trip to Cuzco will be worth the extra work.

Somewhere in there I also have to rewrite my project proposal in Spanish so the folks at the center can have a good idea of what I am trying to work on. Lots of challenges to come, but things are coming together. It feels like there is so little time to do everything, but I am finding that you can accomplish a lot more in a short amount of time than you initially think you can.

Hopefully next time around I will have more to show than a haircut. Thanks for reading.


  1. that haircut looks good, like you paid TWICE that price! have fun at the game, hopefully it doesn't finish the same way that South American "Champions League" game finished, if so you might want to leave a few minutes early.

  2. Haircut looks very Inca-eske. Have fun in cuzco. Will you have internet access while you travel and when you are there?

  3. Am I going to be the only one who says that you made a terrible mistake? What about your Ignatius style??

    I read the previous entry hoping that those thermal baths warmed your soul, too. But no, you're a victim, Deportesvarones ruined your compromise with communism and the algebraic thinking, Mr. Matthew Broderick.